In just two years, the eSet® system has set a new, higher
standard for singulation in vac planters. No other system, cell or flat disk, can match its success. No guesswork. No adjustments. No settings. No disk changes. Just every seed, every time.
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This page was last updated: January 12, 2011
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eSet® Vacuum Disk
Every Seed. Every Time.
This new eSet disk has four major advantages:

  • Singulate any seed size or shape — there’s no pocket or cell, which means the disk is not seed sensitive.

  • Improved seed release — the raised platform means seeds release down the center of the seed tube minimizing seed tube ricochet.

  • No adjustments — you get 98.5%+ singulation on almost every seed type without adjusting vac or double eliminators.

  • Better seed agitation — seed treatments can inhibit singulation because seeds pack together at the bottom of the meter. eSet has aggressive seed agitation that keeps the seed pool fluid for better loading.

E-Set Vacuum Disk
Standard Vacuum Disk
Certain cell discs is seed shape sensitive because of the pocket. Only a few seed types fit perfectly in the pocket. That's why you have to keep adjusting vac levels to try to suck most seeds against the pocket. With eSets flat disk design, there is no pocket so flats, rounds, large and small work equally
The right release for the right spacing.

A lot of the spacing problems you’ve had with your vac disk comes from poor seed release off the disk. Celled disks force the seed to move horizontally before falling toward the seed tube. That means that vac shut off, static and seed position in the cell can alter the timing of the release. And inconsistent release timing means the seed tube ride is inconsistent . . . which means spacing is inconsistent.
eSet eliminates poor release in two ways:

  • No cell. Seeds ride on a flat plate so when the vac is cut off, seeds release straight down.

  • Raised platform. We’ve moved the seed release point over so seeds are released right down the center of the seed tube. That means a more consistent seed tube ride and more consistent spacing.

The eSet disk is a simple replacement for your current vac disk. The package includes the disk, baffle, singulator, brushes and scraper. All of the components mount to your customers existing meter housing (1991 or newer) . Installs in minutes. And best of all, you can switch back to your bean disk or any other vacuum disk without removing any of the eSet components. Just remove the eSet disk, move one brush and mount your bean disk.

The raised platform on the new eSet vacuum disk
is not sensitive to seed size or shape. And seeds
release directly down the center of the seed tube.
No adjustments of vac or singulator are needed
for top-notch singulation

Singulator rides along the eSet disk and eleminates doubles
The Two Models
Our standard model fits John Deere vacuum planters that use the standard size or 3 bushel hoppers. Our Pro-Series Meter model fits vacuum planters that have the mini-hopper normally used in planters with the central hopper.
eSets are not available for 1991 and earlier models that have meter housing with two seed ports.
With the ProSeries meter version of eSet you receive this new hopper design. It reduces restrictions from the central fill hopper and eliminates meter overfill problems.
Your eSet system includes the eSet disk as well as these essential components: brushes and brush holders, a spring loaded singulator and a liner that contains the seed chute and baffle.
eSet Standard
eSet ProSeries