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This page was last updated: January 12, 2011
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Universal Dual Tube
Short Low Profile
Universal Dry
The original poly seed firmer has:
  • the right kind of poly to hold it's shape, withstand abrasive soil and keep the proper amount of tension over the seed.

  • the right "attack" angle to properly guide the seed to the trench

  • the right shape to protect the "V" of the seed trench and to prevent plugging.
Uneven germination and emergence have an influence on your yield. When the plants emerge even a little later than the neigbour plants, they can't compete for resources and at pollination. They are also vulnerable to heat pressure and insects.
Keeton Seed Firmers simply set seeds to the bottom of the seed trench. That ensures uniform seed to soil contact which leads to uniform germination. Research shows that uniform germination can lead to an average six bushel increase in corn yield.
Not seed-firmed
Seed Firmed
Not seedfirmed
Keeton Seed Firmer
No Keeton Seed Firmer
New, metal reinforced mounting brackets eliminate the need for spacers and washers. The bracket also helps keep the seed tube in place and reduces tip wear.

Reinforced Mounting bracket